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Best Value: 3,000 sq ft Air Purifier Home or Business

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This Air Purifier has the best Price and Quality option for a Home or Business.

Purifying up to 3,000 Sq. Ft. 

Includes Free Shipping

Locations include:

Apartments, Basements, Churches, Classrooms, Day Care Centers, Doctor, Offices, Gyms, Hair Salons, Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Schools, Nursing Homes, Offices, Rv's, Waiting Areas, 

NASA based technology (proven since the early 1990's)

This unit helps eliminate odors, smoke in addition to killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air. 

Utilizes 4 technologies for purification

  • UV light along with titanium dioxide to produce hydroxyls to travel through the air in your home. (Customers report the benefits of fresh air traveling indoors similar to the way the smell of pop corn travels in your home)
  • Adjustable Purification based on your particular environment by square footage in addition to a Boost mode for when you are away based on a timer.
  • Ionization:  Positive and Negatively charged ions reduce small particles and airborne pollutants quicker than natural decay.  (Customers report invisible indoor dust and air borne particles settling out quicker than before similar to pollen out doors which is not visible until it settles out on your car) 
  • Electrostatic Filter that is washable and reusable


Electrical DC 38V/3a power plug included for US outlet
54 watts
Positive and Negative ion generation
Dimensions 12" high x 9" wide x 12" deep Weight 8.5  pounds

1 year warranty