About us

Our Company was founded to make a difference for people and the environment.  We believe we can all benefit from living a healthier and greener lifestyle. Change is hard and with support from family, friends and organizations, we can help others live a healthier and greener lifestyle one day at a time.

Long before America began "Going Green, for 20+ years " We have been promoting products and ideas that make our homes and offices "Healthier" and "Greener."    Our product lines are built around Healthy Living and going "Green" is a big part of this.

We believe that clean air is good for everyone especially Children!!!

Having my own children, and seeing the benefits cleaner air has provided them, we are committed to providing access to clean air to all children.  It’s especially important when the EPA indicates 50% of all illnesses are caused by indoor air pollution.  How many times do you hear about kids going to school sick, only then to find out your child is ill and has now brought it home to your family?

Every Child deserves Clean Air, Water and a Healthy Diet. Let’s see how together we can achieve that goal. With our Charity program and exclusive incentives we are making a difference one every day one person or family at a time.



Scientific-Proof (Corona Virus is a RNA type Virus-first one in the list)

Factory Statement on Corona Virus

Scientific Testing results

Brochure-Deactivates 90% of airborne Microorganisms in less than 60 minutes and Ionization reduces airborne particles by up to 100 times over natural decay.

Video on the Technology

We have been helping customers with Air Purification products with people dealing with Air Quality concerns for over 20 Years.

Call us Toll Free with any questions 1-877-661-5950 we would love the opportunity to help you get the best solution.